Denise Vasquez

Denise S. Vasquez is an RV Consultant who has always been known for her customer-centered approach and treating each client like family. There is nothing she is more passionate about than helping her fellow Americans turn their American luxury dreams into reality. Ultimately, her mission is to provide a reliable online RV platform that allows her customers to receive all the information they need in a zero-pressure environment to make well-informed decisions. She also strives to assist them in finding the RV that truly aligns with their unique set of needs. 

When she isn’t pairing people with the dream recreational vehicles, you can find Denise spending quality family time with her loved ones, including her precious grandchildren, daughter, seven siblings and parents. A lifelong adventurer at heart, she is also fond of traveling across our beautiful country and enjoying everything it has to offer, from gorgeous forests and majestic mountains, to crystalline lakes and vibrant cities.